Full Set of Extensions £40.00

The natural nails are extended in length by the use of a tip and the gel is applied over the tip to give a strong, natural looking nail. Available in Clear, Colour or French finish.

Natural Overlays from £23.00

Gel is applied directly to the natural nail to give a thin, flexible protective layer to help prevent breakages and provide support for growth. Available in Clear, Colour or French finish.

Infills £22.00

As the gelled nails grow, more gel is applied to the new nail growth.

Damaged nails can be repaired or replaced on a individual basis as required for £5.00

Nail Removal with Manicure – £15.00

Other Nail Treatments

Tidy and Polish – £14.00
This treatment uses the Biosculpture spa range to improve your natural nails and enhance the overall appearance of your hands and feet.

Toes (Gel Overlay) – £25.00
Biosculpture Gel can be applied to the toenails to provide a long lasting non-chip colour.

Nail Art and Gemstones are also available from 50p per nail, or £3.00 for a full set. Just ask our Beauty Therapist for more information.