Bio Sculpture Gel

Full Set of Extensions £40.00

The natural nails are extended in length by the use of a tip and the gel is applied over the tip to give a strong, natural looking nail. Available in Clear, Colour or French finish.

Natural Overlays from £23.00

Gel is applied directly to the natural nail to give a thin, flexible protective layer to help prevent breakages and provide support for growth. Available in Clear, Colour or French finish.

Infills £22.00

As the gelled nails grow, more gel is applied to the new nail growth.

Damaged nails can be repaired or replaced on a individual basis as required for £5.00

Nail Removal with Manicure – £15.00

Toes (Gel Overlay) – £25.00
Biosculpture Gel can be applied to the toenails to provide a long lasting non-chip colour.


Express Gel

Salon Grade UV cured Gel Polish, giving your nails a gorgeous finish with the advantage of no chips! lasts up to 3 weeks, fast application if your short of time.

Overlays £15 (hands or feet)

Gel Overlay over the natural length of the nail.

Extensions £25

The nails are extended with lengthening tips, which are blended into the natural nail, extra strength is provided using a UV builder gel, with the Gel Polish on top.


Other Nail Treatments

Tidy and Polish – £14.00
This treatment uses the Biosculpture spa range to improve your natural nails and enhance the overall appearance of your hands and feet.

Nail Art and Gemstones are also available from 50p per nail, or £3.00 for a full set. Just ask our Beauty Therapist for more information.