Face Treatments

Express Facials

A 20 minute treatment to refresh and revitalise your skin, using salon brand Kaeso Beauty.


Relaxation Facial

Our Relaxation Facial is a perfect introduction to the Dermalogica products and is also a full treatment in its own right for those people who need that one time hit. It includes a cleanse, exfoliate, massage, masque and moisturise.

£22.00 (40 – 45 minutes duration)

Dermalogica ProSkin 30 and ProSkin 60 Facials

Dermalogica’s world-famous ProSkin treatments combine dermatologist approved products and the expertise of a Dermalogica-trained skin therapist for a completely customised experience. It’s the ultimate journey to your healthiest-looking skin. A 30 or 60 minute treatment, choose to target one area or multiple areas of your skin to get your skin how it is meant to be.

ProSkin 30 £30

ProSkin 60 £45

Hot & Cold Stones Facial

A unique type of facial, not offered at all Beauty Salons. This treatment melts away tension in the face, eases muscle stiffness and improves circulation.

£25.00 (50-55 minutes duration)


Massage additional to Skin Treatment

As an addition to the above face treatments, why not add some massage to target areas of stress throughout your body: scalp, face, neck and shoulders, back, arms and hands or legs and feet? Any massage taken with a facial is charged at £7.00 per 15 minutes.
*Price only applicable when taken with above treatments.


We also have a range of Dermalogica retail products available to purchase, please ask for details.